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Saturday, January 12, 2008

In brief: flu! Drupal, H-M axis question & jQuery

I hope this post finds everyone very well? Health wise here the holiday season was cast in a flu-ridden appearance. I did reflect on things for two days: looking down the toilet - balance gone, double vision and 'tiredness'. I'm usually fortunate and dodge the viral bullets. The flu started just after last month's Drupal meeting in Manchester. I was putting lessons learned into effect and had created my own template file when the room started to spin. Anyway enough of that - I hope...

Since falling about the day after, I have not Druped at all. I have managed to read up on CSS and think about Pippa's question on the humanistic - mechanistic axis. In the end I combined the two, namely using some CSS and jQuery, the javascript library used in Drupal. The result is a draft version of seven questions and styling, which a click will reveal and hide. It works (but is it accessible and should I be using a definition list?)!

I'd like to post the questions here with the javascript, but don't want to get side-tracked. I believe that adding the javascript code as a blog widget will see it added to the template. Compared with a great many blogs the template here is unremarkable, so tackling Pippa's question in this way will pay major dividends (he said) in styling the revised h2cm content for the new Drupal site. Expect to see some changes (with odd effects?) on the existing site as I test things out.

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