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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Reflections on Drupal Denver theme

Customising Drupal themes is a central skill in the Drupal and other communities. The number of contributed and updated themes are a great testimony to the specific expertise people develop. In tackling a project Drupal developers put a team together across the spectrum of required skills and this includes someone proficient with themes.

I want the new site to look different and reflect the unique structure and content of Hodges' model, but I don't want to spend all my time grinding a mirror for the telescope. I want to be out there observing - even if that's just with binoculars and the naked eye.

I've found the Denver theme quite appealing in its simplicity and functionality:

If you click&check the above image in detail you'll see I need to sort the banner (transparent?) another image would be preferred. There are several menus too: the tabs, left and right side bars plus breadcrumb trails. I've finally defined a new site within Dreamweaver [MX], so I can also focus on the style sheet(s).

Wouldn't you know it - I just checked and Denver isn't currently listed as a Drupal 6 theme. Forever a realist - this is always going to be an issue so ....