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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Socio-technical paper, Drupal, and 'title' attribute

The final draft of the socio-technical chapter proposal has been sent to the editors 7K words, 30 refs and 7 figures.

I'd like to think the paper is a bit unique, as there can't be many that combine: a model of nursing, '-', horse and litter, N-S and E-W, PRINCE2, ITIL, the 4Ps. the moon and the lunar terminator (bit of a fixation that actually) and myth.

Regards the submitted copy there's some positive news with interest in a revised version specifically targeted at nurses. The submitted copy originally had 8 figures, one was culled for space. That missing illustration could provide the basis for another (shorter) paper. Before that though, there may be a rude lesson to follow as to why there are no other papers with this particular mix of content.... Well, here's one very interesting reference I missed...

e-Social Science Conference, October 7-9, 2007, Ann Arbor, MI
A socio-technical framework for cyberinfrastructure design
Ann Zimmerman

Before being hit by the flu I had started to create a form and template in Drupal. I need to have a 'look' (that's 3-4 sessions worth) at the Content Construction Kit and Views too. Must also update my version of Drupal, I meant to do that when the room swooned.

I couldn't make the Drupal meeting last night (double booked!), but I had a great evening talking shop over a meal with a work colleague and two of our former work mates. Cheers - Kath, Lesley and Andy. We are hoping to repeat this sometime soon with a bigger table: COMPANY! better than a course of antidepressants.

In my absence I was able to post a question about the possibility of formal Drupal training either down south or here in the NW. If we can get sufficient numbers, 1-2 days training would be invaluable. It's looking good as others are up for this too. I'll be there for the usual meeting on 20th Feb - can't wait - (but I will --- birthday before then).

For ages I've wanted to feature more details about the conference links. Finally catching the CSS bus, I've started to add the 'title' attribute to the links. Eventually, a tooltip will display the dates and country. This will help me enormously in editing. Apart from conferences - NO MORE LINKS - other than updating/deleting. There are so many things I've spotted on the existing site: 'top of page' links that don't work; Dreamweaver functions I have not made use of.

That's the problem of being self-taught, and I'm determined not to waste time in learning Drupal. While I'm conducting this code/style 'review' the wheat and chaff in present and future content is becoming apparent.

Last, but not least: All the best to the The University of Toronto's International Health Program and the Annual Health and Human Rights Conference for 2008 which begins tomorrow (and 2009....).

To follow: Apollo, Africa and E.T..