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Friday, January 04, 2008

Social Care in the UK BBC Radio 4 - starting Monday

On Monday BBC Radio 4 will begin a special month-long feature on the future of social care.

Two programmes Women's Hour and You and Yours will take what sounds a very in-depth and challenging look at current plus future social care provision and the issues that concern us all. Podcasts will be available.

They are very keen to hear of people's experiences as a carer or people receiving care:

Have you been affected by cuts in care provision?
Have you had to arrange care; what has the experience been like?
Do you have examples of best practice?
Tell us your experiences.

There are also recent reports to listen to:

  • Reform of social care funding
    • The half a billion pound scheme to help people arrange and organise their own social care.
  • Provision is shrinking
    • Councils cutting back on care.
  • The unseen workforce
    • Unpaid carers could save the government £87 billion a year.
  • Transition Care
    • Who pays for a disabled child’s care after 18?
  • The future of social care
    • You and Yours special
Bye for now...