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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Holistic care striking a balance: Dance halls and the steps we take

I was reminded recently of these research related terms:


Of or relating to the study or discovery of general scientific laws.


Concerned with establishing the uniqueness of a phenomenon:
an individual, a place, or a region, for example.

These words struck me due to the way that Hodges' model can encompass them courtesy of the INDIVIDUAL-GROUP and HUMANISTIC-MECHANISTIC axes.

You know those arcade and now home based interactive dance games where the player dances on a pad?: well if Hodges' model is a dance hall and the concepts we use (the semantic web) comprise the dance steps; then if we focus on one side only (self?) we would essentially be standing on one foot - dancing with one half of our body or may be even a quarter.

Come on.
Yes of course - "at your own risk".
Stand up, move the chair out of the way and do your groove thing!

Try it!

Do you feel a bit silly?

OK, OK, it's no use,


I confess!

While I try to be holistic, that's how I dance...

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