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Monday, January 21, 2008

Free book, part-time enthusiasts and the damage done!

Using Dreamweaver I've been correcting more of the missing 'top of page' links. I'm still using 'top' as the name which is a no-no according to one book. Validating the HTML and all the 'font' tags showed up. What a mess!

Many people still include these tags in their web sites. My pages also include reference to a CSS-style file; so the 'font' tags really are superfluous. Some are there purely to add colour, but I want to strip the pages down, then assess the content:

  • Keep and revise/update
  • Keep but archive
  • Delete (quick!)
I've ordered jQuery in Action and had some good news regards another forthcoming book title next month:

Care of the good people at PACKT Publishing I'm in line for a free pre-order copy of David Mercer's new book:
Building powerful and robust websites with Drupal 6

In return I have to complete a review, which I'll post here and on Amazon. I'm really looking forward to this title and doing a review from the perspective of a Drupal beginner and with the new website for Hodges' model in mind.