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Sunday, February 03, 2008

free reading copy new book: "What is Community Informatics? (and Why Does It Matter)"

I have long been interested in the theory that underpins informatics, especially the overlap between the different informatics schools. Here are details of a new publication that debates the status and role of community informatics.

Allow me to bring to the attention of list members the recent publication of the book:

"What is Community Informatics? (and Why Does It Matter)",

by Prof. Michael Gurstein and published by Polimetrica.

You can check it out at:

Thanks to author and publisher, the book has been licensed through the terms of an Attribution-NonCommercial Creative Commons license that allows the reader to freely distribute the work for non-commercial purposes.

You can download a FREE reading copy of the book from the E-LIS (E-
Prints in Library and Information Science) repository:

Abstract: http://eprints.rclis.org/archive/00012372/

Full text: (tiny URL) http://tiny.cc/ltSOU


If you want to support this experimental project that aims to promote a free and open access to scientific knowledge, please buy a printed copy of the book.

Many thanks!

All the best,
Viviana Sica

Eng. Viviana Sica
Editorial Office (Head)
Polimetrica Publisher
Corso Milano 26
20052 Monza Mi Italy
E-mail viviana [dot] sica [at] polimetrica [dot] com

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