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Friday, February 22, 2008

Domain Specific Languages [I]

Even after a brief acquaintance with the h2cm web site and W2tQ, you'll appreciate the word domain is both hard and soft-wired into my consciousness. On first discovering Hodges' model, the four quadrants were clearly recognisable as knowledge domains.

As the website evolved and after consulting with Brian Hodges, 'Care Domains' was added to the model's title (which has also paid some dividends in search engine terms).

In the early days of hobbyist programming a major project would be to write a compiler. I'm sure I can recall several magazine articles on this (Practical Computing?); step-by-step of course.

Searching on 'domains' as I frequently do, it was inevitable I would come across DSLs or Domain Specific Languages, which instantly caught my attention. Here are some intros -