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Monday, February 04, 2008

BH PJ meet Manchester next week and Drupal CVS - version control

Just to finalise the details for a meeting with Brian (Hodges) in Manchester next week - it's half-term. It is not often we get to meet, so I'm really looking forward to catching up again. This blog was just an idea last time we met.

Reading through the Pro Drupal Book VanDyk & Westgate on page 115 there's a pointer to chapter 22 for more details on CSS and the way styling is processed in Drupal, but I can't find anything of note there. I'll check the publisher's - Apress - site and with fellow Drupaler's in Manchester on 20th Feb.

Chapter 21 is on Development Best Practices. Reading this I think when the upgrade is made, then Drupal 6 will be Concurrent Versions System (CVS) aware. May as well: in for a penny in for a pound(ing)....

I'm still itching to get to Eclipse - Ruby and CVS will be useful there too. I was in Border's over the weekend and checking the IT publications (Mac....!) . I lamented the absence of programming titles (.EXE was a favourite). There used to be so many in the heady days of mid-80s through 90s, and not just imports - JOOP, Dr Dobbs.

PC Pro Feb 2008 features an opinion piece 'It's time our kids really got back to Basic and the principles of programming' Tim Danton, p. 7. A couple of years ago there was the chance of a trip to India to help with software from a nursing 'user' perspective. Unfortunately, this adventure didn't happen. In terms of economies around the world it surely helps to have programmers at home too: in-house in-deed.