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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

"BonkersFest has identified normality as a mental health issue..."

Although it's a while since I ran around the school playground, mentally for the sake of my well-being, creativity and general zip-n-zest; I like to think that I'm still there (minus - knees plaster clad, nose running, sleeves flowing....).

Now, it's just that the playground is a tad bigger.

As an adult thinking about the banter and slang terms banded about back then the differences and connections between adult-childhood worlds become quite stark and makes you wonder - where does stigma begin?

When I first came across BonkersFest this year I thought "they can't call it that - can they...?"

Well they obviously did. In doing so this year and with plans for 2008 the participants, organisers and sponsors are addressing the question (issue!) of stigma around mental health and disability head-on.

BonkersFest, the ongoing attention of the BBC, the Independent newspaper campaign and efforts of others in the media are still much needed.