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Friday, November 23, 2007

Socio-tech paper and Skype: hodges_model

I've been working on the socio-technical (s-t) structures in nursing informatics paper....

The guidelines insist on definitions, so in addition to socio-tech and socio-tech structures I've added s-t-political. It is possible to consider s-t in isolation, but I don't think this is a valid exercise. The politics of matters s-t are all over. Hodges' model can really bring these to the fore.

It's always a struggle to balance the content, how much background to cover. In the paper I've thrown in a horse and litter, plus the moon for good measure. Instead of sociotechnical I've opted for socio-technical; the hyphen's important which I'll need to explain.

There is a question that's cropped up about this word - 'technology'. Is 'technology' special as an -ology?

I'm trying to get in the habit of plugging the Skype phone in, there must be a way to preserve the microphone setting!

Skype: hodges_model

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