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Saturday, November 24, 2007

'P' is for Philippines

In addition to the USA and EU for several years now it appears that many of our website's visitors come from the Philippines. Brian and I greatly appreciate the interest of our virtual Filipino guests, so welcome one and all...

Over recent decades the global migration of nurses has become a much needed phenomenon, but one that can also quickly become a newspaper headline depending on where nurses are moving from and going to....

Given the (relatively) high profile of Hodges' model as a model of nursing on the web, I wonder if these visits reflect:
Languages in the Philippines

  1. An assumption by potential nurse migrants that Hodges' model is de rigueur here in the UK?
  2. There are tutors/lecturers teaching the model in the Philippines and directing their students to the site?
  3. They use a curriculum that is suited to, or finds merit in Hodges' model?
  4. With more than 180 languages and dialects perhaps Hodges' model is also helpful in this multi-cultural and ethnically rich country?
  5. Perhaps the visitors are not primarily nurses?

Whether or not any of the above apply, I would love to hear from our Filipino visitors? How is Hodges' model being used in the Philippines?

I don't want to put any visitors off, but of course the website and this blog represent a call for research in global conceptual frameworks for health and social care and general education too. Wherever you are - you can make a difference...

All the best.

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To follow - another 'p'.

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