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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

'P' also for 'complexity' and 'power supply'!

Oh dear! My PC a senior citizen at 5 years old this month is poorly. The power supply had indeed given up the ghost on Saturday and I've a (red) confession to make: the CPU runs constantly, processing data from -


Not very green I know. I do invest time switching other things off at home and work, to save some money and CO2. We could save a fortune at work...

I'm writing this on Matt's laptop, so no Skype at present. Hope to be sorted soon - funds...!

I'm still reading and thinking things through - static archive, website, Hodges-informatics, students (podcasts!). It's quite frustrating having attended the Drupal meeting last Wednesday in Manchester. Having listened to some great talk-throughs covering specific modules, you're left itchy to try stuff while the thoughts are hot. The next meeting is December 19th, just hope there are no school carol services then! In the Pro Drupal Development book there's a section on a simple XML-RPC Server. Which is why I'm thinking.... Reading this stuff I feel like a Beach Boy - Wouldn't It Be Nice!! Well, it sure would... Chris, Steve and the other established Drupalers are keen to have others up-front, sharing their experience and for beginners to show work in progress and seek help with problems. Now there's a future aim and one that may be hard to dodge (which is what I need)....

I've been given admin rights to an established, but still emerging Drupal website. Someone trusts me and for that I'm really grateful. This is another very useful way to learn. I can check how this already well populated site is configured, how the content types are used... and pick up and report errors. Plus sharing some insights from Manchester.

On Saturday I lost an update to the socio-tech paper, the notes are no longer recycling bound. As you're reading this I'll be downloading the file from an e-mail I sent to myself last Friday night. Can't afford downtime on this project there's scope for 5-7k words, I've 6k, but a lot still to do. I'm pleased to learn I can include some B&W figures.

Speaking of 'P' again - some of our visitors arrive at the website having searched for 'p'. Google picks up the 'p' in p-jones. I should have realised of course: the heart of Hodges' model - COMPLEXITY. Although many of the forms of complexity are completely over my head. We need tools to understand complexity within the humanities - social sciences: is that possible without maths? There are certainly books and journals out there.

Must go: Sam - our dog is stood up at the door with his legs crossed and a wolfish grin (of discomfort). OK let's go...