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Monday, November 19, 2007

Health Career Model Cygnet Hospital Bierley [I]

Dear Brian,

I have always been interested in the theory behind the use of Hodges' Health Career Model. During my time as a student nurse (back in 93-96) I came across information about how the HCM could be implemented in practice. As a newly qualified nurse I took these ideas into my first development post at Kemple View in Blackburn, Lancashire and successfully introduced an adaptation of the model adding risk to the dimensions.
I understand that the model is still in use and many patients have benefited from its holistic approach to psychiatric care. I also note reference to this on your web page. I am quite pleased that a student nurse has clearly recognised the benefits as I did during training.I am now working at Cygnet Hospitals at Bierley in Yorkshire and am again looking to introduce the model as a means to provide a framework to nursing care. The favoured approach on the ward (FAIRFAX Rehab - complex care for males) is PSI, but I am of the opinion that the HCM can be used as a framework for nurses to deliver such an approach.I would be interested to know what your thoughts are on this and of course if there is any advice that you can offer.Many ThanksDenise Banks RMN PGCM DMS JP
In December 2003 a student nurse brought information to my attention that Kemple View Psychiatric Services, Blackburn, UK are using the Health Career Model as an aid to assessing individual needs.

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