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Thursday, November 08, 2007

From Sinclair and [BBC] BASIC to PHP, AJAX, Javascript and Drupal?!

Starting the server and delving into Drupal I'm reading too:

Babin's - Beginning Ajax with PHP
Darie et al. - AJAX and PHP

The code in these and most books is available on-line and while this makes life easier, I've realised that the time spent in the 1980s typing code into the Sinclair ZX81 (with 16k RAM pack) and BBC microcomputer provided a great way to learn programming structures and syntax. Now, I don't have time for typing even though I'm no keyboard slouch (posture! posture!).

Another thing I've never faced up to the challenge represented by the PC in terms of programming and networks. Lots of reasons including family, day job, a website, some publications and amongst the excuses is the arrival of OOP (object oriented programming). I found myself using C+ on my degree course (philosophy:computing) and worked through the assignments 'OK', but this was no springboard. There were no contented quacks and wags of the tail from this duck. My feathers remained bone dry.

In the books you can feel short-changed as the code examples include repeated functions - browser checking, error handling and such like. So what to do? Well, re-use of code is a key principle of programming and so whether a case of typing or copy-paste re-use makes sense.

I've got some of the chapter exercises working including this AJAX grid, which I know is no great shakes. What I think will help push me forward is to flavour this with data related to Hodges' model. That's a problem too - having meaningful data.

Anyway, must go - to check if the three updates in the image to the left are actually in the database table. MySQL is another thing to get to grips with and I notice that the latest version of PHP can be used to write object oriented code - OOPs - no escape!

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