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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Hobbyist programming

Another barrier to trying to learn programming on the PC as a hobbyist, is simply being able to keep up. Versions change rapidly, the proprietary package adorning the shelf quickly becomes dated. If used regularly no problem, otherwise what a waste of money...

That's no excuse now, as there is a stable collection of languages to use such as Java, C and its many variants and IMHO Ruby seems an exciting and mature prospect. Plus, open source offerings like Ruby means a free entry ticket to tinker with soft tech. Today though the need for a database, styling, web, application interfaces makes for a complex mix of programs that must work together. As Drupal and no doubt other CMSs reveal there is no single DIY technology, you really have to look under the hood.

I'm well sorted with Drupal and can't wait for 21 November and the next NW England meeting in Manchester. It appears a time though of great change in programming circles. How so? Well I think it is significant that Microsoft's Vista and Apple's Leopard are creasing themselves to look 21st century and yet they have apparently caused incoherent waves in the market place - the former more so. In order to produce the software of tomorrow the tools must evolve. Widgets rule? The latest developments suggest some great opportunities (creative ideas and time permitting!) - for example:

Adobe's AIR used to produce - Acesis Point-of Care

Watching the tech media for things to try (and fuse together) I've also wondered for ages about SVG. It's been around for many years. Is SVG about to fully realise its potential, or has it been passed by...? Given where I am at - I'll revisit this topic again...

Well back to Drupe, PHP, SVG... and a really helpful blog in terms of sorting the tech-jig-saw.