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Saturday, May 09, 2020

The meaning of "Care Package"

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group - population

"I return to my hotel room in central Wuhan to find a package from the local government waiting for me. They have sent foreign journalists two large bottles of hand sanitiser, 20 masks and a 55-page comic book dedicated to sanitation. In one cartoon, a grinning bottle of ethyl alcohol reminds readers to wipe down their phones up to four times a day.

But the main item in the care package is a hastily bound white booklet with a cover that reads simply: The Chinese Way. ...

But the omissions in the document are often more telling than the official timeline itself. The Chinese Way makes no mention of Dr Li Wenliang, the national hero of the epidemic. On December 30, Li raised an early alarm when his hospital in Wuhan began seeing patients with a Sars-like strain of pneumonia."

Art in Wuhan depicting Dr Li Wenliang, who raised an early alarm about the coronavirus outbreak and later died of the disease © Don Weinland


Image source: ft.com