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Wednesday, May 06, 2020

Call for Book Reviewers: LGBTQ Titles c/o [spiritof1848]

Would you please share this information with your networks? Thanks! We have some new LGBTQ books. Reviewers get to keep the free copy of the book they review! We welcome reviews of books not listed. We support student reviewers through the publication process.

Call for Book Reviewers: World Medical & Health Policy.

World Medical & Health Policy is dedicated to the intersection of policy, politics, medicine, and public health. The Journal's objective is to help improve global health by broadly considering policy context, processes, outcomes, and influences.

World Medical & Health Policy is seeking book reviewers.

If you are interested in reviewing a book, please send me an email at the address below. This call for book reviewers is open to graduate students, health professionals, professional academics of all levels, and independent scholars. We welcome your ideas for books to review and we will gladly also help you find a book that matches your area of expertise. We are especially interested in book reviews associated with health equity and open to a wide range of topics.

Thank you for your time and consideration,

Cynthia Golembeski, MPH
World Medical & Health Policy Book Review Editor
cag348 AT rutgers.edu

LGBTQ Titles. Complete list of other books at bottom.

Broqua, Christophe. Action = Vie: A History of AIDS Activism and Gay Politics in France. Temple University Press, 2020.

Cheng, Jih-Fei et al. AIDS and the Distribution of Crises. Duke University Press, 2020.

Guadalupe-Diaz, Xavier. Transgressed: Intimate Partner Violence in Transgender Lives. NYU Press, 2019.

Haldeman, Douglas. Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Change Efforts: Evidence, Effects, and Ethics. Columbia University Press, 2020.

Lakkimsetti, Chaitanya. Legalizing Sex: Sexual Minorities, AIDS, and Citizenship in India. NYU Press, 2020.

Liu, Hui et al. Marriage and Health: The Well-Being of Same-Sex Couples. Rutgers University Press, 2020. https://www.rutgersuniversitypress.org/marriage-and-health/9781978803480

Shanker, Adrian. Bodies and Barriers: Queer Activists on Health. PM Press, 2020.

Stall, Ron et al. LGBT Health Research: Theory, Methods, Practice. Johns Hopkins University Press, 2020.

Varghese, Ricky. Raw: PrEP, Pedagogy, and the Politics of Barebacking. NYU Press, 2019.

Additional books for review:

Thank you!

New article: COVID-19 Amidst Carceral Contexts: The Overton Window of Political Possibility and Policy Change

Cynthia A Golembeski
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Health Policy Research Scholar
NJ Scholarship & Transformative Education in Prisons Faculty
JD/PhD Student | Rutgers University School of Public Affairs
cag348 AT rutgers.edu

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