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Thursday, May 21, 2020

REPORT: Creative methods to envision nursing practices addressing AMR - c/o RIPEN


Between the summer of 2018 and October 2019 a group of nurses from various disciplines and roles took part in a series of research workshops in Glasgow and London, culminating in a policy workshop event at the RCN in London. It was a pleasure and a challenge to be able to contribute and learn about this very urgent and global issue.

Here from the RIPEN website is a description and link to the report:

March 2020: New report:  Creative methods to envision nursing practices addressing AMR

A report on the use of arts and humanities approaches to co-design healthcare service innovation
The RIPEN project has asked: “How can relevant arts and humanities approaches help nurses to re-envisage their infection control practice ecologies in response to antimicrobial resistance?”. Our new report shows how we addressed this question, focusing on the creative methods used and lessons learned. We hope this will be useful for nurses and other healthcare professionals, designers and artists, educators, researchers, policy activists, and anyone else with an interest in the arts and health.

Please feel free to download, share and feedback any comments.

A video is also available on the website.