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Monday, May 18, 2020

"Care Package" 4 the C.21st ?

"The CARE Package was the original unit
of aid distributed by the humanitarian organization
CARE (Cooperative for Assistance and Relief Everywhere)."
humanistic ----------------------------------------------- mechanistic
group - population

Disaster Conflict Refugee context?
Individual choices - 
facilitating autonomy 
whenever possible - Sign Language?
Mental health Care Plan
includes relapse prevention /
 Staying well / Self care
Mental capacity / Decision making
Physical health check
Patient Reported Outcomes*
Specific management of medication - lithium, psychotropics and safety completed and health literacy demonstrated with support if needed.
Making Every Contact Count -
in every care context
Psychological therapies 
One narrative: told recorded once
Cognitive access:
Health Information
Access to my health record
My Care - Why?
Understanding, Awareness
C[P]-Suite "I Consent" - My data,
Genetic Profile, Reimbursement?

Disaster Conflict Refugee context?
Avoid admission, over-treatment
Quaternary Prevention
Preparation for Admission?
Physical Care Plan
includes relapse prevention /
 Staying well / Self care
If in-patient THEN is medication ordered and ready for discharge? e-Prescription?
Electronic Health Record
Mobility - aids, Transport
Advice / instructions
Wound / 
Dressing management
Making Every Contact Count -
in every care context
Clinic location: urban / rural
Virtual - Telemedicine, e-Health
Patient Reported Outcome Measures
Patient involvement in Research
Physical therapies - access
Physical access services/devices?

- CARE ?
Care IN the Community?
Housing :: Homeless?
Pre-discharge home visit -
e.g. Occupational Therapy?
Living alone?
Carers involved with due 
consent in care planning. 
Engaged in recognition and role of warning signs and actions to follow.
Recovery, Rehabilitation, Reablement
Awareness and shared competency in medication, in event of physical illness.
Patient/Family audit of clinical record: accuracy if/when appropriate BUT check completed.
Plan of care - activities, groups, information, arts, studies, 
Carers assessment
Social care.
Advance (anticipatory) care planning
Progress (this time) PRO*
Introduce respite care, day care, volunteering
Avoidance of admission:
this time :: next time?
[Finance of Health Service Delivery]
Care Package for specific groups / populations / circumstances: 
Forensic, Prison, Homeless, 
Substance Misuse, Veterans
Need for interpreter, advocacy?
Feedback on care experience:
patient and carer(s)
Management of Belongings, Cash
Community care - follow up instigated - introductions made with continuity of care (personnel) were possible.
Communication with (family) GP/Doctor
Out-of-hours services 
and contact details.
Patient & Carer invited to phone
purely as a trial-run.
Law - Policy? 72 hour, 7 Day -
follow-up at home.
Incidents - Complaints? Apologies?
Organisational Learning 
Welfare - Employment
Data capture and reporting of care spell/episode.
Reports submitted stats.
Reporting plans to Public re. Health Services
Public involvement in Services

The above is not comprehensive and in itself begs questions of scope and what is a 'comprehensive' care package?

The mapping above to Hodges' model includes many assumptions - existing health service provision, governance, finance, housing, social infrastructure - social determinants of health and how these are mitigated (if at all).