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Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Journal of Community Informatics - new submissions:

Dear CI colleagues,

After a brief pause and transition in editorial leadership, the Journal of Community Informatics is once again accepting new submissions here:

It is my honor to lead the Journal as the third Editior-In-Chief since the journal was launched by Michael Gurstein with its first issue published in 2004. I want to thank Eduardo Villanueva-Mansilla for his leadership over these past years. I also want to thank Tom Denison who has joined Eduardo as the Journal’s Associate Editors.

I am also excited to announce our esteemed Editorial Board with both new and returning members: http://ci-journal.net/index.php/ciej/editorialBoard

We are preparing our next issue to be published in Sept/Oct. 2020.  We look forward to receiving your submissions in the months and years ahead.

Warm regards,

Colin Rhinesmith (pronouns: he/him)
Associate Professor and Director
Community Informatics Lab
School of Library and Information Science
Simmons University
web: http://crhinesmith.com

Journal of Community Informatics