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Monday, May 11, 2020

Immersed in the Politics of Health: Nursing #IYNM2020

We tend to treat virtual reality as a creation of the late 20th century, one that is still waiting to find commercial maturity in the 21st. A dictionary, text book and most definitely a web-search will confirm the same.

Perhaps though every age has its VR? The horse, steam, telegraph, electricity have all challenged beliefs, convention, language, society and institutions. The vision of individuals demonstrating courage, invention, creativity and innovation to instill change, has and will always be 'political'.

The celebration of Florence Nightingale's life and achievements also invites acknowledgement of the many pioneers who founded and established nursing across the globe.

In this 21st Century there can be no doubt that Nursing is political. Florence Nightingale immersed herself in the political virtual reality of her day. Nightingale used data, statistics and visualisation to challenge and change health-related political reality. How ironic that so many cities and towns presently breathe the benefit of fresher air today.

Ready or not, we continue to witness the power of language, as nurses and carers who have lost their lives are described as 'heroes'.

Discussion, debate and argument will follow and resonate for months, if not years.

Nursing should and must continue to define, refine and press with all the professional force it can muster; to further the values and delivery of universal access to health information, health care and  improved health literacy and the welfare this can bring for all.

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